There are many benefits to being active on LinkedIn, both from a personal and professional standpoint. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for connecting to others in your industry and establishing yourself as a thought leader—which is extremely advantageous in many regards.

What Is a Thought Leader?

Thought leaders are considered experts within their chosen field, and are often the go-to sources for information in that given industry. They inspire people, make real changes happen, and are considered authoritative sources in their area.

What Is the Benefit of Being a Thought Leader?

From a business standpoint, gaining notoriety as a thought leader is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility and authority in your industry, as well as showcasing your brand’s credibility. Being a thought leader is a great way to get more eyes on you and your product which will establish your good standing and increase your overall reach.

How Can I Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader?

Start with your profileHaving a clear and concise profile is the first step in establishing your credibility as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Building out the basics such as your profile photo, URL, headline, and “About” sections are great ways to show people immediately who you are and what you do.

Connect and interact with industry leaders. It’s important to be active on LinkedIn to showcase your credibility. Connecting with others in your industry, including your colleagues and people from other related companies, is a great way to engage with people and boost engagement on your own posts. Having a broad network on LinkedIn is quite beneficial for establishing credibility and ensuring that your posts are seen.

Publish articles related to your expertise. LinkedIn makes it extremely easy to post content on your network, which is something every thought leader should be already be doing. More specifically, writing articles that showcase your expertise and sharing them with your audience is a great way to establish and continually to build your credibility.

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