Thought Leaders – The Solutions Are Coming In

Thought Leaders – The Solutions Are Coming In

The COVID-19 related emails and phone calls I’m getting from industry experts, business leaders, and journalists are showing no signs of slowing down – and that’s a good sign.

We’re all continuing to pivot and adapt as the crisis itself evolves. To say that journalists are working overtime is an understatement. They all may be working remotely, but they’re working around the clock to find the industry experts and thought leaders to help us all navigate COVID-19. But these journalists aren’t only ones on the quest. And that’s where JOTO PR Disruptors comes in.

Like you, we’re at our best when we’re contributing real data and solutions to the challenges we’re facing. The business community is rallying around our common cause, getting in front of the news media with ever increasing frequency, making themselves available around the clock, and doing it in ways they hadn’t tried before. Such as…

Enter JOTO PR Disruptors’ Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference, a webinar hosted by yours truly, Karla Jo Helms, CEO and Chief Strategist at JOTO PR Disruptors. We brought together a bevy of journalists to hear from and bring questions to a panel of industry leaders from across the business spectrum including the Healthcare, Finance, and Technology, Supply-Chain, E-Commerce, and FinTech industries. And they came armed with a treasure trove of data and solutions in their respective fields.

Some of the guests on our panel included:

  • John Kearney, Founder and CEO of Advanced Training Systems, who spoke on the need for us to petition our Federal government representatives to lift regulations that are hampering efforts to put more commercial drivers on the road.
  • Jeff Mount, President of Real Intelligence LLC, who outlined the value of advice for growing assets under management during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Monica Eaton-Cardone, Co-Founder and COO of Chargebacks911, who laid out what’s happening in ecommerce due to the shortage of supplies, increasing fraud, and the panic involved.
  • Sky Cassidy CEO of MountainTop Data and Marivi Stuchinsky, Global Chief Technology Officer of Technologent, who spoke on cybersecurity issues and ways to protect our businesses.

Our first installment has been deemed a huge success by our industry expert panelists and journalists alike:

“That [conference] was really well done.  Great topics.  Great speakers. Thank you for including me in this.  It exceeded all of my expectations.” – Jeff Mount, President Real Intelligence LLC

“Speaking as somebody who’s done an awful lot of interviewing – I thought it was very, very good.” – Peter Johnson, Foxhound Enterprises

Our next webinar is scheduled for later this month.  And will run biweekly. I implore you to join us – it’s a huge opportunity to get in front of the experts who’ll be providing us hope and reassurance through real-time data and sane solutions.

In fact, do you have data and other help to offer? Then by all means, contact us to be a panelist on our next Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference …and the next. Journalists from industry-specific and popular media outlets are getting the word out quickly, because they want to hear stories of HOPE and SOLUTIONS. Care to join?

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