The Story Telling Investment

JoTo PR Disruptors commentary on Adweek’s article: Why Marketers Need to Invest in Authentic Long-Form Storytelling

You would think with the popularity of social media, and the limitation of how much you can write in each post, that there wouldn’t be a longing for long-form content to be put out.

If that was the case, movies wouldn’t be making the millions they are making.

Long-form, story-driven content is something that marketers—and business owners in general, need to start investing in.

It’s kind of a lost artform it would seem. These types of stories are what smart company’s like AT&T are doing. They produced the “It Can Wait” campaign against texting driving. 1 A very successful PR campaign that Variety called one of the best public messages ever. That film is now being shown all over the country in schools and colleges. Think the parents are going to be happy with AT&T and might think of them when it comes time to buy the next iPhone? Probably. Teachers and Administrators, too. And others.

Not every business has the means or reason for producing a documentary about a topic, I get that. It’s the idea of long-form storytelling that is hitting the mark.

People will consume their tweets, laugh at their Snapchat videos of their friend’s dog, but what people are wanting is something to get into and be a part of. Something they can sink their teeth into. Something they can watch, read or listen to that makes them want to tell their co-workers about over coffee the next morning.

Look no further than the weekly movie releases, constant Netflix’s Originals and multitude of books coming out. People crave it.

Businesses aren’t going to be making the next TV show, that’s not the point. Stories are something that can be told throughout any medium; (it’s one of the old art forms there is). This how we PR nerds look at the news. Good and factual news stories are more than just a vehicle for information, they are stories about people, places, issues and events.

These long-form pieces of communication fall into the world of PR, as something that works in conjunction with marketing and advertising. AT&T puts out ads… lots of them. They could see the benefit in putting the time, effort and money into putting out a professional communication that will work alongside their “Save X On Your Phone Contract!” ads.

You’ve got a story to tell, step up to the stage.

1 R. Maconick (June 01 2017) Web. “Why Marketers Need to Invest in Authentic Long-Form Storytelling,” Web.