The Secret Weapons of Spine & Sport – a Victorious “New Economy” Solider and Recent Inc. 5000 Award Winner

The landscape of the business world is changing. Like a battleground, wounded soldiers – victims of a bloody economic battle – lay strewn around, struggling for survival. But despite what the media would have us think, this site is not the norm, and businesses can and do emerge from the fight victorious.

We should shift our viewpoint from the cries of the wounded onto the proud soldiers who have achieved honor and glory – such aSpine & Sport, a physical therapy practice specializing in the advanced practice of physical therapy and high-quality personal training services. What began in the back of a gym by former college roommates Jacques Beauchamp and Eric Bull in 2004 has been recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States in 2010 by winning the Inc. 5000 award – post-recession.

Spine & Sport began with three employees, and has quickly grown to six locations in two states with 105 employees. The company received the Inc. 500 award in 2009, and received the Inc. 5000 award (coming in at No. 637) in 2010. “Winning this is a nice validation through an independent source that all of our hard work has paid off,” says Dr. Bull of his accomplishment.

The Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 awards are given out annually to recognize the fastest growing companies in the country. While always prestigious, it serves as an even prouder accomplishment in the “new economy”. To qualify, businesses must be U.S. based, privately held and independent. Businesses are ranked according to percentage revenue growth over a four year period.

“If you want to know which companies are going to change the world, look at the Inc. 500,” said Inc. editor Jane Berentson. “These are the most dynamic, fast-growth companies in the nation, the ones finding innovative solutions to problems, creating smart systems, and inventing products we soon discover we can’t live without.” Other companies on this list have included Microsoft, Zappos, Intuit, GoDaddy, Under Armour, Jamba Juice, American Apparel, Oracle, and hundreds of other powerhouses.

But what is the secret to their success? While some people would chalk it up to luck, this would severely devalue the real cause of their ability to emerge victorious. Beauchamp and Bull are equipped with the weapons to survive in the “new economy” – good old fashioned know-how – and this is where their secret of their success lies. “I attribute it to learning a business technology and applying it 100%, in addition to knowing my trade” says Beauchamp. Beauchamp and Bull have studied the Hubbard Management System at a business consulting company called Measurable Solutions.

Beauchamp and Bull acknowledge that the “new economy” has changed the way the game is played. “We believe that the consumer is an educated one, so we put more emphasis on maintaining relationships with existing clientele, as well as looking for new,” says Beauchamp.

A more educated consumer also means that one must deliver a better quality product. Spine & Sport strives to offer a healthcare experience beyond compare through exemplary customer service and expert technical skill. Of course, Beauchamp and Bull don’t just let this high quality speak for itself. Beauchamp and Bull also know the value of PR and its value in publicizing their good works. Beauchamp and Bull are consulted by JoTo Extreme PR – a Public Relations firm headed by expert PR strategist Karla Jo Helms – who has helped other companies make the Inc. 500 list – and Diane Stein, her business partner and veteran in Crisis Management PR.

What advice do Beauchamp and Bull have for their bloodied compatriots, burned from the shrapnel of the recession? “If you’re struggling to make ends meet, there might be a better way,” says Beauchamp. “You hear so often how people are run bytheir business, not running their business. Their financial woes are constantly on their mind. This is not a healthy way to run a business or live. Start with learning to run your business. Until you have that, you’re going to be run by your business.”

Spine & Sport plans on continuing to expand in the future, and to provide a high-quality service to those who are hurt and injured to get them back to doing what they want to do in life pain-free.

“And world domination,” jokes Bull. But with these weapons in their arsenal, Spine & Sport just might do so.

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