Digital transformation is talked about by many organizations. Oddly enough, however, the true meaning of “digital transformation” remains uncertain, to many. Part of this could be the fact that it’s different depending on the industry. For manufacturers, digital transformation will be different than for a hospital or retailer. Still, there are some common elements including the following:

  • The desire for, as much as possible, interactions to be automated.
  • The ability to consider each recipient and meet their unique needs.
  • The creation of an environment where processes and information flow freely.

At the heart of digital transformation lies business content management – for two reasons:

  • It supports advanced transformation-associated functions.
  • It constitutes resources of information needing management.

But, until you address the basics, you can’t do transformative things! While also managing details, the big picture must be kept in mind.

A Look at Transformation

For business, what is meant by “digital transformation”? It is the process of using digital technologies to modify existing – or to create new – experiences for your customers, culture, and business processes. This is in an effort to meet changing market and business requirements.

Again, three key areas of business enterprises are digitally transformed by executives. They are as follows:

  • Business models
  • Operational processes
  • Customer experience

Each of those areas has constantly changing elements. The building blocks for digital transformation are assembled from this set of elements.

Digital transformation itself has four main areas. They are as follows:

  • Organizational/cultural
  • Domain
  • Business model
  • Business process

Significant value will be left on the table if there is a failure to address all four of these. Example: A corporation may solely focus on organizational or process transformation, forgetting about or ignoring business model and domain.

Content Management

In digital transformation, what is the value of content?

To assure an engaging digital customer experience, a critical role is played by content. So, managing that content effectively is crucial. With content, many consumer interactions begin and end. This particularly applies in the financial service industry and others like it. Through an effective content management strategy, interactions that are content driven can be automated, streamlined, and possibly even eliminated.

Additionally, companies can provide multichannel, ubiquitous access to communications, critical documents, and other customer content with content management.

Content drives efficiency and improves productivity. Faster, more accurate decisions are enabled when the right information is accessed. Content often facilitates knowledge work and fuels business processes. In and of itself, in fact, content can be a work product.

Content Is King

To adapt an entirely new business model, content can also be beneficial. To entirely new customers, through entirely new channels, digitalized information can be exposed by a company. Companies that were previously paper driven can now transform themselves into digital masters. All of their vital information can be newly monetized and packaged without the need for paper.

To help in digital transformation, numerous claims are made by various solutions, technologies, etc. However, business content management helps companies get away from inefficient, archaic approaches to information management. It assists in the transition to a digital transformation path that will drive the bottom line and lead to the delivery of greater efficiencies.

A PR Company That Understands The Value Of Content

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