Sometimes the information you need is right under your nose – but it takes market research to reveal just how valuable it really is.

In 2015, McDonald’s was experiencing its largest sales slump ever. Their breakfast menu items had long been one of its biggest sellers, but those sales were limited because their restaurants’ kitchens would switch over to the lunch menu every day, usually at 10:30 a.m.

In the meantime, their social media was compiling some very important data – customers had been taking to McDonald’s Twitter feed requesting the fast food chain to make their breakfast menu available all day.

How many requests for all-day breakfast? McDonald’s researched and combed through the data – they discovered there were more than 120,000 requests just on Twitter alone going back as far as 2007, just months prior to the Great Recession.

The data spoke for themselves. And McDonald’s used that data to come up with a PR campaign, Breakfast All Day, that earned them PRWeek’s 2017 Campaign of the Year.

They responded directly to 17,000 customer questions about Breakfast All Day that were posted on Twitter. As part of their announcing Breakfast All Day, they actually responded directly to requests with GIFs of the news, including one sent more than seven years before, as well as requests from celebrities. Famous model Chrissy Teigen tweeted, “I do not want a sausage mcmuffin, I need one.” For sure, McDonald’s used it in their campaign.

And the move paid off, literally. Same-stores sales had the best quarter results in four years and their stock value rose 25% in a single quarter.

McDonald’s used market research to win over customers based their wants (or need according to at least one fashion model). Just think of what they might have gained had they done their research a few years sooner!

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Karla Jo Helms
Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist