How often does a press release itself make the news? Not that often (unless it’s a train wreck).

Press releases ARE news.

A great press release’s content gets media attention and puts companies in the spotlight for the news they communicate.

But what if a press release itself is the news (and the source by extension)?

PitchPoint Public Relations, a PR firm based in Chicago, Illinois managed to accomplish just that.

Titled, “The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written” (and yes, it really is on a newswire) this satirical and self-referential take on the time-honored tool made some serious waves in the media.1

I urge you to give it a read before you continue. I’ll wait…

As you’ll notice, the most ironic aspect of the piece is that it actually contains NO INFORMATION.

So then why is this even worth a mention?

As a PR firm, PitchPoint Public Relations did make the very salient point that press releases, while still very prevalent and critical to media coverage, can get “stale”.

When you’ve read them in the hundreds, they do tend to read and “sound” very similar to one another. They’re supposed to convey very important information, but it’s also crucial that you grab the readers’ attention.

Just look at the headline – THAT makes you stop and read on. It’s audacious, perhaps even to the point to being obnoxious, but did its job.

That right there is THE BIG WIN for them. PitchPoint went all-in for DISRUPTION, earning themselves a huge wave of media attention, including numerous re-posts of the entire piece, from the some of the biggest media outlets including The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, CNBC, and BuzzFeedNews.

I mean, when was the last time a media outlet urged its audience to read a press release?!

Call me impressed. This is the kind of Anti-PR that made a PR Firm a star. (I think I’m love… I definitely have a crush on Mitch… wherever he is).

Want to enlist the same kind of Anti-PR to make your own DISRUPTION? Get started with a complimentary consultation.


*Anti-PR definition: Anti-PR is really the difference between the existing apathy of the industry publicizing fluffy, no-result PR vs. our intolerance of mediocrity and our demand, skill and mastery in obtaining results. JoTo PR breaks the entire mold: We use the science of Crisis Management to manage our client’s messaging in order to disrupt. It’s like strapping turbojets onto “everyday PR” yielding unprecedented results.



  1. Tsotsis, Alexia. “The Most Amazing Press Release Ever Written”,,, January 12, 2011