On a much more positive note, another aspect of a great strategic communications plan is the synergy between your marketing campaign and your Anti-PR* campaign.

Awesome case in point – PepsiCo’s Tostitos brand using both marketing and PR to masterfully reach their intended audience with a double DISRUPTION – a product innovation AND an original delivery of a public safety message.

Tostitos had made the decision to not advertise during the Super Bowl, but it still made developed plans to have a presence around the “Big Game.”

Instead of commercials, the chip maker partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to create “alcohol sensor bags,” special Tostitos bags that obviously meant to mimic a breathalyzer.7 While the bags didn’t measure alcohol levels, they could detect if you had been drinking. In addition to the bags, the chip-maker gave away 25,000 $10 discounts on Uber rides for purchasing of any their chips, further tying their message to a very popular ride-share company.8

Sure, the sensor bags could have been taken as a mere marketing gimmick, and truth be told, on the surface they were just that. But this marketing push actually had much deeper meaning – a social message delivered in a way that wasn’t a PSA, or billboard as per the usual tactic. They put the message right inside bags of Tostitos. That’s DISRUPTION, people!

But that wasn’t the point. Remember, Doritos was messaging about drinking responsibly and being safe. Sporting events and drinking (including the excessive variety) go hand-in-hand, and their partnership with the highly respected MADD, the largest anti-drunk driving organization in the country they achieved invaluable third-party validation.

Giant media outlets like USA Today, Branding.news, and Adweek covered the partnerships and their purposes, further sending the message to their chip-eating audiences.

Huge exposure for PepsiCo and Tostitos names and excellent reputation building within their industry and their consumers.

That’s masterful communication work, folks! (Now I want chips…)

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*Anti-PR definition: Anti-PR is really the difference between the existing apathy of the industry publicizing fluffy, no-result PR vs. our intolerance of mediocrity and our demand, skill and mastery in obtaining results. JoTo PR breaks the entire mold: We use the science of Crisis Management to manage our client’s messaging in order to disrupt. It’s like strapping turbojets onto “everyday PR” yielding unprecedented results.