The Persistent Quest for Dental Beauty Raises Cosmetic Dentistry to Whole New Levels—CDA Weighs In

Steady growth to new highs is being predicted for the cosmetic dental market. This comes as no surprise to industry insiders such as CDA.

San Antonio, Texas (January 22, 2018)—In the next three years, the persistent quest for dental perfection and beauty is expected to raise the industry of cosmetic dentistry to a new high of $22,362.4 million.1 The steady growth of the cosmetic dentistry market is being attributed to rising disposable income in the middle-class population and expanding consumer awareness of cosmetic dentistry. There is also a rising focus on cosmetic dentistry fueled by absolute dental perfection in fashion and entertainment, as well as social media (where everyone is visible). CDA is a leader in this trend and knows it well.

The cosmetic dental market is also expected to hit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 13% in the next four years.2 The expansion of the global dental market overall, which comprises dental units and equipment, dental implants, dental imaging, dental crowns and bridges, dental prostheses and dental biomaterials, has been led by a surge in crowns, implants and cosmetic dentistry. The key factors impacting general dental market growth include an improvement in the oral care needs of individuals, poor oral hygiene, and the rise in oral disease within the growing elderly population. Technology has also played a major role; dental CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing), as well as 3D imaging, have resulted in improved diagnosis and dental designs, as well as a decrease in chair time and better patient compliance.

“It’s no surprise to us at all to be witnessing such phenomenal growth in our industry,” said world-renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. John Moore, Jr., founder of Cosmetic Dental Associates. “Throughout the time of my practice, and particularly in the Internet age, I’ve seen a consistent rise in the quest for dental perfection. I’ve even seen whole lives turned around by dental appearance in our patients.”

A good 50% of Dr. Moore’s practice comprises the correction of botched dental jobs. “As the cosmetic dental industry has grown, so, unfortunately, have the number of incorrectly performed procedures,” Dr. Moore added. “This has been an additional reason for our continued growth.”

As would be expected, the U.S. is the leading country in dental expansion. This is followed by various European countries. Another key region is Asia-Pacific, where Japan is a relatively mature market. Market growth is also being experienced in developing countries such as India and China, due to rising middle-class disposable income, rising consumer awareness and awareness of dental care.


About Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA)

World-renowned cosmetic dentist John Moore, Jr., DDS, established Cosmetic Dental Associates (CDA) in San Antonio, Texas, more than 35 years ago. Educated as an artist and seeking the pinnacle of artistry for his profession, Dr. Moore is a pioneer of true aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, CDA is among a select group of ultra-modern cosmetic dental offices that can offer patients treatments with solutions designed in an in-office dental lab. Visit https://33smile.com.


About John Moore, Jr., DDS

Dr. Moore decided to dedicate his life to dentistry after an orthodontist literally saved his smile from buck-toothed ruin at a young age. In addition to the run-of-the-mill training in traditional math and sciences that most dentists do, Dr. Moore took the highly unusual step of engaging in formal art education, as well. This combination has enabled a career of creating beautiful smiles that sparkle: life-like, diamond-cut teeth that have empowered his patients to command the careers and live the lives they’ve always wanted.


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