The News, at the Speed of Your Vocal Chords

JoTo PR Disruptors commentary on Poynter’s article: NPR, the AP and local newspapers are beginning to experiment with Amazon Echo

Tech has to be one of my favorite things to talk about since it feels like we are flirting the edge of Sci-fi with the coolest stuff coming out every year.

Presently companies like NPR, AP and even local newspapers are starting to experiment with Amazon Echo and Google Home.1

For the uninitiated, these are devices that allow you to speak to interact with the internet. Think of a much more sophisticated “Siri”. You could say something like, “Read me the news,” and, like out of an episode of Star Trek, the news is read aloud to you.

This might be old hat to some of you, but where it gets interesting is where they want to take the voice of the speaker and change it from the “robotic” sound it produces to something much more natural.

PR Disruption: What excites me the most about this “speak-and-you-shall-receive” technology is the intimacy that comes from it. Since a person would be asking for something and listening instead of just typing it into a search engine it adds a layer to the business-to-consumer relationship. This allows readers turned listeners to ask more questions and get answers in a way that may work better. This is important as we are quickly becoming less of a reader race and more of a “skimmer” race when it comes to news and information.

This will change the world of news as it takes on the custom quality of a Google search, the passiveness of watching the news on TV and the accessibility of being able to get dressed, making dinner or whatever at the same time. This changes everything – very Minority Report – onslaught of information type age coming. But there is an opportunity in learning how to use the powerful communication lines of the media (PR) to get in your target markets’ minds first. This will change PR as we know it.

Now, this tech is a few years off, but when it does hit what’s your relationship with the media? Will people be able to hear your company in the news when they ask for it?

If you want to know what it’s like to work with the media, give me a call. Let’s see if we can help you disrupt.

To the future!
1 R. Edmonds (May 1 2017) Web. “NPR, the AP an local newspapers are beginning to experiment with Amazon Echo,” Web.

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