Thanks to the stay-at-home orders throughout the nation, business has changed considerably for many companies. Some have seen a decline while others have managed to remain steadfast. As situations slowly begin to improve, companies are realizing that a shift in how business is carried out may be necessary. For all of us to come through this pandemic together but in a positive light, business communication – and communications in general – will be of the utmost importance.

There can be little doubt that a “new normal” will exist. We don’t have all the details yet, and it will assuredly be challenging, to say the least. Things are changing on a continuous basis. Unfortunately, there are few best practices to build upon. There is no playbook to turn to.

This new reality will look different for every company, depending on the work you do and the type of business you’re in. Changes in procedures and policy may be necessary. Those changes will need to be concisely and clearly communicated to your employees.

Business Decisions and Explanations

Gradually, employees are returning to work. Your situation may have staff returning to a place of business this month, next month, etc. What’s critical is that your employees are communicated with on a truthful and realistic basis.

During your communications, don’t let speculation creep in. Beware of unanswered questions or messaging gaps. That only fuels the rumor mill.

Regarding working from home, consider a range of scenarios. Here are some examples:

  • Certain employees may feel their ability to work from home has been proven. They will likely want flexibility in the future that incorporates working from home and on-site.
  • Other employees may not feel working from home is effective for them. They miss their team members, face-to-face connection, and feel isolated.
  • Working from home, for some, is all but intolerable. They feel completely distracted by laundry, errands, spouses, pets, children, etc.
  • There will even be a number of employees who may prefer never working on site again because they absolutely love working from home.

Remember to explain the “why” as well as the “what” when discussing decisions you’ve made, are making, and will make in the future as a result of the current pandemic. Possible changes and decisions that will need to be made could involve sick pay, sanitizing procedures, cubicle proximity, customer interactions, the wearing of masks, and more – and that’s just in your immediate future!

Communicating with Your Employees

It is essential that this be done correctly. No skimping! Your senior leaders should be empowered and utilized, and your platform varied. Consistent messaging should be maintained. Be clear and concise. Particularly during this time of uncertainty, employees must be assured that you – their leader – are working continually to make sense of this new situation and ensure that your organization is nimble in making changes and responsive.

  • Ask for the opinions of your employees.
  • Share the bad along with the good.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t have all the answers.
  • Keep communication consistent, open, and frequent.
  • As much as possible, gather future insights.

A PR Company in Touch With the New Normal

Particularly right now, it’s important to be in touch with reality. Far too many public relations companies lose sight of that fact. As important as it’s always been, it is even more important now! The smoke and mirrors used in the past aren’t going to cut it today. Honest, exceptional, groundbreaking PR is what’s needed right now and in the future.

Because of our views and strategies here at JoTo PR Disruptors, we’ve been dubbed the ” Anti-PR Specialists“. We’re okay with that! You can’t expect to excel in today’s business world resting on your past accomplishments. Particularly during uncertain times, it is essential that your company, your business, you, and your staff appear in the best possible light. We can help keep public opinion positive and progressive. We want to help you make your company all that it can be. Contact us today to find out how to not only meet your goals but exceed them in the future.