The Media-Anvil Is Hot! Strike Now!

JoTo PR Disruptors commentary on The Hollywood Reporter’s article: CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad With “Fake News” Graphic

Let’s talk about the media’ favorite buzz-word of the 2016/2017 era and that’s


I’ve talked at length behind this movement and how in it lies the opportunity to take the bull by the horns and tell your business’ story to the masses, and today I have a little story that will help make that point:

CNN refused to air a Trump Ad with “FAKE NEWS” as a graphic on it.

Now, it’s not crazy to think that CNN (or Fox, MSNBC, etc.) would be crazy about that graphic, but it goes to show you that it is a real thing and should be taken seriously.

The media’s big and boomin’ right now and it’s like a kid that won’t stop growing on his growth spurt. The big channels are starting to feel that fire and reacting towards it by acting as gatekeepers. They even said that per policy, CNN would run the add if they took off the graphic.

I can’t stress enough about how it is the time to strike while the anvil is red-hot. People cannot look away from news sources right now and spend a lot of time every week doing so.

I have plenty to say on the media and we can precisely use the best tool to come around since the internet to help your business tell its story.

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