COVID-19. Mass protests. Economic downturn. Yeah, it seems overwhelming. And it has all impacted your business in profound ways. Maybe you feel helpless. Maybe you feel lost and don’t know to what to do next.

Well, I’ve been hearing from others like you and that got me thinking. What you need is a guide that can get you off to the best possible start for your business reboot – and your outstanding economic recovery.

That’s why I created The JOTO PR Disruptors Marketing Research eBook.

Really, crisis is our wheelhouse. And that’s where this eBook can help you.

And while you know your business best – you may no longer know the state of your industry. Or what your clients need and wants now. The problems your target audience is facing, or the solutions you’ll need to create to get them back.

“When I first contacted JOTO PR, our then current marketing strategy was proving that we needed more than aggressive advertising to reach our intended audience. Sales were flat and even showing signs of decline in some areas – and we were perplexed as to the why. JOTO formulated a plan to engage our target market and through their research, we were finally able to see how to change our messaging, and we were then able to work on a social media strategy plan that’s been a boon to our sales.” – JoTo Client

That’s exactly why you need to start with Smart Market Research – and that begins with our eBook.

This indispensable eBook will walk you some of the major issues we’re all facing right now:

  • Healthcare, Finance and IT – How are these industries being affected?
  • What can you be doing during this time to make your industry adapt to you?
  • How some companies have taken advantage during the Great Depression and Great Recession.
  • Why Smart Market Research is your best start to get you to THRIVE!

Download your F-R-E-E JOTO PR Disruptors Market Research eBook now.


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