Internal PR – Public Relations Is Not Just for Outsiders

#PRFail: VW Chokes on Their Own Exhaust

PR is not just for handling your external public. It can be very helpful on your internal public – yes that’s right, your employees. So really how much attention do you put on internal PR in your company?

Do you answer yes to the following questions?

  1. Do you reward your employees well?
  2. Do you validate the good things your executives do?
  3. Do you tell your partner, your sales team or your IT staff thank you?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it is time to take a good look in the mirror and do some righteous soul-searching because you could be preventing your company’s growth or at least hindering it by not having a program in place to reward your employees when they are doing well.

Your personal PR with your employees is just as important as your PR with your customers and the media. These questions identify the circumstances where human nature can fall down.  They tell you a lot about the “PR” of that person or business.

Rewards & Penalties

When I am asked to come in and evaluate a company’s internal PR, I look at one main factor before anything else… how they operate on the fundamental datum of rewards and penalties.  What do I mean by this?  Rewarding and penalizing based on merit (based on true production), will determine whether you win the war in business. Any entrepreneur is up against the suppressions of life and those naysayers who would rather hate than participate.  Rewarding those that deserve it and penalizing those that do not, will actually improve your public relations image to your employees and subsequently to your community.

Did you know that Sun Tsu’s Art of War contains the very basics that I am talking about here?

It is imperative to reward production. This is what keeps the business growing. It is equally imperative to penalize staff when they are not producing. Unlike Volkswagen, you do not give bonuses to non-producers. Likewise, if someone is really helping the company grow, they deserve that bonus, that extra day off or a special meal or some means of recognition. We live in sensitive times and it is important to recognize the producers, and get rid of the non-producers. Organizations cannot suffer fools that hold them back. Simultaneously, they have to value the hard worker whatever his or her position.

Employee Relations and PR

You may ask, what does this have to do with public relations and the answer is very simple – everything. How your employees relate to your business or organization is a public relations matter. Employees that are rewarded for producing feel good about you and your company. They want to work there, they tell their friends, etc. Local media often recognizes which organizations are the best workplaces. That can provide some fantastic PR. It encourages good people to want to work for you. On the opposite side if you penalize the non-producers it sends out a strong message and creates a very productive environment.


Coming under internal PR, is the subject of diversity. It is quite important to create a safe diverse working environment – a tolerant one. Therefore, people of any gender, race, or religion can succeed. Bigotry has no place in society let alone in the business environment. You go a long way in today’s society by creating such a workplace, one that can be admired and written about. This is internal PR at the max.

Happy Workers = Happy Customers

Create community relations you can be proud of using the basic principles of public relations. You will create a happy workplace with happy employees, which ultimately mean happy customers

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