When it comes to your overall brand strategy, getting to know your customers is key to determining your direction—but are you giving your customers the chance to get to know you? Providing insight into the history and the story behind your brand may not seem worthwhile, but it’s actually quite a smart strategy to increase consumers’ brand loyalty to your business and create more engaging relationships with your customers.

Below, we’ll look at some of the ways that an “About” page can help your business, which will hopefully lead to great ideas regarding how you can write a killer one of your own.

What an About Page Tells Your Customers

The history and the motivation behind your brand. If you have a compelling story about the origin of your business, your About Page is the perfect opportunity to tell it. Give customers some insight into the why behind your brand, including what inspired you to start it and what problems you are hoping to solve for your ideal customer.

Why they should buy from your brand in particular. As you explain who your brand is, you also have a chance to highlight what makes it unique—and thus what makes it superior to your competitors in the industry! Maybe you emphasize the quality of each piece using special methodology or focus on eco-friendly manufacturing methods to reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever it is, your About Page is a great place to shout it out.

Who the humans are behind your brand. Of course, you ultimately want customers to fall in love with your brand, and adding a human touch is a great way to encourage that very outcome. Tell your story from the point of view of your business’ founder and don’t be afraid to add humanizing elements such as personalized photos, behind-the-scenes snippets, or fun anecdotes that fit in with your brand story.

What your mission is behind the jargon. Especially helpful for tech companies or other industries that use a lot of insider lingo is an About Page that eschews insider jargon and instead levels with your audience – it’s a great way to show off your down-to-earth side. Take the opportunity to talk to your customers directly about what you are doing in everyday terms and save the technical lingo for your product pages.

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