The Four Best PR Stunts of 2012

[Via entitled 2012 in Review – Top 20 PR Campaigns and Stunts of the Year, posted by Rich Leigh on 30th Dec 2012]

 pr-stunts-thumbAt JoTo PR we get asked to post reviews of PR campaigns –
good and bad. Sometimes we find them on our own.
Here’s a list we culled out of another list of the 20 best
PR campaigns of 2012. 

Some of the PR campaigns we find are hilarious, some enticing and some elicit downright ire.  Either way, they do a good job of creating buzz, changing minds and keeping their target markets thinking a certain way. They emulate causative PR at its best.


Coke Zero makes train commuters James Bond for a minute “post by Racepoint Group’s Simon Hilliard – members of the public were challenged to sprint their way through a busy station, packed with obstacles, in order to win tickets to an exclusive Skyfall screening.”

JoTo PR: Very elaborate stunt, but awesomely executed. When your client is Coke, the bigger the stunt is sometimes the better.


Muppets cupcakes sent to Stephen Fry “to promote/celebrate (same thing) the launch of The Muppets movie, character cupcakes were sent to prominent tweeters. Who then tweeted about them, thus letting millions of followers know about the film if they didn’t already. PR doesn’t need to be complicated.”

JoTo PR: Love the line Pr doesn’t need to be complicated.  Some of the most effective stunts I have seen were simple.  If it executes the intention – it communicates.  Plain and simple.


Best anti-smoking campaign ever? “this hidden camera charity campaign, where children asked smokers for help lighting their cigarettes, was as successful in increasing calls from Thai people hoping to quit smoking as it was garnering views and plaudits.”

JoTo PR: The ultimate in PR – getting others to spread your message and initiate action.  In light of the calls and ire created from exposing the truth, the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement.


Push to add drama – Belgian TV stunt footage released “to launch TV channel TNT in Belgium, members of the public were invited to press a button, which, unbeknownst to them, set of a chaotic and entertaining chain reaction”

JoTo PR: Stunts labeled as stunts, can get a ton of media coverage and exposure, as this campaign did.  Caveat: the stunt must align with the branding or it won’t work.

I can’t wait to see 2013’s campaign stunts! You?

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