Eye Shop Principal Predicts Google’s Much-Anticipated ‘Smart Glasses’ Could Greatly Increase Eyewear’s “Coolness Factor”

(CLEARWATER, Fla.), – The eyeglass experts at the Eye Shop, the new full-service eyewear boutique in downtown Clearwater, have an ongoing interest in state-of-the-art, high-tech eyewear, and so they have been avidly following the news of Google’s Project Glass augmented-reality glasses.

Although the glasses have not yet made their public debut, news media outlets and bloggers have been providing some idea of what to expect. The concept behind the glasses is the real-time streaming of information. According to those familiar with the project, the smart glasses will run on the Android operating system and will include a small screen that will sit a few inches from the wearer’s eye. Information will be streamed to the wearer via a 3G or 4G data connection and a number of sensors, including a motion sensor and GPS. Additionally, the glasses are said to tap into a number of existing Google software products.1

“Although they aren’t designed to address vision issues, I believe Google’s smart glasses will change the way people think about eyeglasses in general,” said Pamela Rowan, the Eye Shop’s owner and operator. “Decades ago, glasses were considered nerdy and unfashionable, and while designer fashion frames have been changing that perception, Google’s glasses could rocket eyewear to the peak of what’s smart, cool and chic. I stay up to date with the latest in eyewear technology not just because it’s my job but also because it’s constantly fascinating to see what’s become possible.”

While many predict that Google’s glasses will not be available anywhere until the end of 2012, the latest in vision-related, high-tech lens technology and fashion frames is available now at the Eye Shop. Customers receive quality vision care, from eye examinations to fashion advice regarding frame selection, from the Eye Shop’s highly qualified and compassionate staff of optometrists and sales associates.

“Our concern for eye care and safety makes us very happy to hear that Google plans on building a $120 million facility that will test ‘precision optical technology’ so that they can see if the screen of the new glasses will be safe for people to stare at on an ongoing basis,” said Rowan. “No matter how hip and cool an eye-related innovation is, health and safety are the key to an optimal experience.”

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About the Eye Shop
Located in the retail heart of Downtown Clearwater, the Eye Shop is designed to fulfill all optical needs. Dr. Carey Rowan of the Rowan Eye Center serves as the surgical consultant for Eye Shop Downtown, while wife Pamela Rowan applies her background in art and business as the shop’s fashion and retail director. The boutique’s mission is to offer personalized service and a wide variety of high-quality, affordable eyewear and lenses. Customers can obtain eye exams and other services on-site from a team of Board-certified optometrists, or bring in existing prescriptions to be filled for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and more. For additional information, visithttp://www.eyeshopdowntown.com.

1The New York Times: Bits. Google to Sell Heads-Up Display Glasses by Year’s End.http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/21/google-to-sell-terminator-style-glasses-by-years-end/.