The Eye Shop Corrects and Detects Vision Problems Early with Latest Eye Exam Technology

Fashion boutique brings both the trendiest eyewear and the most accurate vision diagnostics to the Clearwater area

(CLEARWATER, Fla.)  — The statistics are sobering: Research shows that 3% of Americans over the age of five, or 7.9 million people, cannot clearly see words and letters in newspaper print even with the help of glasses or contact lenses — and the number climbs to 12% by age 65.(1) But the Eye Shop, the new boutique in downtown Clearwater melding eyewear fashion with cutting-edge vision exam technology, is leading the effort to reduce those percentages, thanks to its use of autorefractors and advanced bio-microscopy during eye exams.

Together, the autorefractor and the slit lamp bio-microscope allow Dr. Sheldon Stein, a respected board-certified optometrist at the Eye Shop, to make the most accurate vision diagnoses possible. As a result, clients who have lived with persistent visual impairment in spite of glasses and contacts are now experiencing truly corrected vision.

Autorefractors like those used at the Eye Shop are designed to measure how light enters the eye. Quick and painless for the patient, an autorefractor tells the optometrist or ophthalmologist exactly what prescription will give the patient clear vision. Next, the slit lamp biomicroscope uses light and filters to detect problems, injuries and irregularities in the eye and allows the doctor to perfectly position contact lenses on patients’ eyes for optimal sight correction.

The Eye Shop team is dedicated to early, accurate detection and correction of vision and eye health problems, said Eye Shop owner and operator Pamela Rowan. “People don’t often think of a fashion eyewear boutique as a place to get their eyes checked, let alone a high-tech eye examination,” Rowan explained. “But that’s exactly what sets the Eye Shop apart from ophthalmology and optometry offices and eyewear retail outlets alike. We have invested in the leading eye examination technology because our clients deserve to have the best eye care available.”

Rowan and her staff believe Eye Shop clients deserve to look their best, too. To that end, Rowan, an artist and gallery owner who has spent the last 15 years running The Rowan Eye Center in Palm Harbor with her husband, has filled the vibrant interior of The Eye Shop with glasses and sunglasses from top American and European designers. When patients’ eye exams are complete, the fun begins as Rowan helps them find just the right frames to enhance and complement their looks. All of the Eye Shop’s eyewear fashions are priced affordably — even coveted brands like Ferragamo, Prada, Chanel, Juicy, Oakley, and others.

“No one should have to walk out of the eye doctor’s office with a pair of clunky, unflattering glasses that detract from his or her attractiveness,” Rowan said. “We have deliberately kept our prices low to enable more people to find the right glasses. If you leave the Eye Shop feeling great about every aspect of your eyewear, from its effectiveness to the aesthetics, then we have done our job.”

The Eye Shop invites Clearwater residents to come see for themselves what makes the Eye Shop different. To learn more, visit or call the Eye Shop at 727-755-EYES.

About the Eye Shop
Located in the retail heart of Downtown Clearwater, the Eye Shop is designed to fulfill all optical needs. Dr. Cary Rowan of the Rowan Eye Center serves as the surgical consultant for the Eye Shop, while wife Pamela Rowan applies her background in art and business as the shop’s fashion and retail director. The boutique’s mission is to offer personalized service and a wide variety of high-quality, affordable eyewear and lenses. Customers can obtain eye exams and other services on-site from a team of Board-certified optometrists, or bring in existing prescriptions to be filled for eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses and more. For additional information, visit

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