Amidst COVID-19, schools have discovered technology challenges of distance learning—solving these issues has become imperative when planning for the upcoming school year. To address these obstacles, MountainTop Data has partnered with Metadot to strategically target school systems in critical need of technology assistance.

(Los Angeles, CA) June 22, 2020—Schools across the county have had to learn on the fly how to implement remote learning due to the coronavirus pandemic.(1) In facing numerous immediate challenges that could have been otherwise overwhelming, districts have sought assistance in striving to finish this school year on a high note while planning for a fall session that may also rely on distance learning. “Many schools were caught during the health crisis having to pivot very quickly,” says Sky Cassidy, CEO of MountainTop Data a leader in data intelligence. “They needed to come up with a plan quickly to prepare for properly educating children.”

Helping school districts successfully shift to remote learning is exactly what MountainTop Data’s client, Metadot, does. Metadot, with it Mojo Helpdesk software, a ticket managemnt system, assists schools and educators in managing help requests. Distance learning has been around for some time—however, at the K-12 level, most schools simply did not have plans in place to deal with the quick onset of COVID-19, according to Daniel Guermeur—founder and CEO of Metadot.

“Distance learning is not going to go away—likewise, the increased use of technology is not going to go away,” Guermeur says. “More applications, more software, more tools are going to become even more prevalent moving forward. There will be a need for IT that will manage assets and support customers. We think solutions like ours will see a higher need, even as schools return to what had been business as usual.”

MountainTop Data’s assistance in providing data and email campaign management for Metadot has allowed the company to get its laser-focused messaging in front of the right target audiences, which gives school districts the help they need to navigate from crisis mode into as smooth an operation as possible—from making sure every student has reliable internet access to reimagining lesson plans that work in the classroom to plans that resonate on a student’s laptop screen. In partnership with MountainTop Data, Metadot is able to engage with schools who need to support students and staff who operate outside of their normal routines.

“Technology plays a key role in facilitating learning,” Guermeur says. “New protocols, new technology, new software. The number of requests to the IT departments increased rapidly. Many of them would have been brought to their knees without a ticketing system. It is very easy to deploy (with Google Suite or ClassLink) so they can connect together with everyone.  The product works with both these technologies. They are a great fit for public and private school systems.”

While many districts have IT, they might not have a help desk or ticket management system. When teachers use data to drive their decisions and plans, it’s been proven that they are able to respond to problems more effectively, construct new teaching methods and advance skill sets faster.(2) Current studies indicate that teachers in schools with data-focused programs think using data improves instruction significantly. In the current climate of remote learning—meaning data is even more important. COVID-19 has posed various challenges for students all across the globe, such as not having reliable internet connections or in affecting their ability to comprehend lessons presented remotely.(3) Backed by MountainTop Data, Metadot is striving to reach as many schools as possible.

“While they were tackling distance learning, schools may not have had the time to put together a program,” Cassidy says. “Now is the time that schools need to have a solid plan to manage logistical issues before schools starts this fall. Metadot’s ticket management platform provides an easy to use and affordable solution and needed a way to reach out and engage with school IT and help desk personnel. Many industries have a sudden need to get their message in front of a different audience —they all require clean data and targeted data.”

 About MountainTop Data:

Headquartered in Los Angeles, MountainTop Data has been providing data services for B2B marketing for nearly two decades. With an unrelenting commitment to quality, they were the first company to guarantee the accuracy of their licensed data and business emails. They provide marketing lists, data cleaning, data appending, and data maintenance services. Their data services have been used by some of the world’s biggest brands across a multitude of various industries, from multi-national telecommunication companies to office technology, to PR firms and more. For more information, visit

About Mojo Helpdesk:

Over 10 years ago, Metadot, Mojo’s parent company, needed a help desk so we could provide our customers with personal and dynamic technical support. We couldn’t find a help desk software that met our needs, so we built it. Customers liked it so much we decided to transform it into a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Today, thousands of businesses with only a few to thousands of agents use Mojo Helpdesk to serve their customers and employees. For more information, visit

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