AchieveHers-rgb-lowresWomen in business are joining forces in the greater Clearwater area, sharing their stories, experiences, ideas and advice. The Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce has started the AchieveHERS women’s networking group that currently is open to women in the public.

The gender-pay gap for the past 43 years has come a long way since the 1970’s when women’s pay was 60% of a man’s pay. Although the wage gap has closed since the 70’s, it remains unchanged since 2005 at 77%. (1) But women, studies show, bring a lot to the table and foster a “high-performance culture.” Julie Redfield, talent management expert at PA Consulting Group, said it best:

“…when people are valued for the differences they bring, and when people are allowed to be authentic to their values in the work place, you will create a high performance culture. And, the ‘typically’ female traits are things that employees value highly.” (2)

As a national PR firm championed by strong female representation, JoTo PR takes every chance to support female initiatives, such as the AchieveHERs – a women’s networking group founded by the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce that currently is open to women in the public.

AchieveHERs_SAVE_THE_DATE_ad_Rev_3_FINALOver the last four years, the chamber has been trying to find better ways to reach out to women business leaders, said Bob Clifford, president of the chamber, in a front-page Clearwater Beacon article.

A recent marketing research study conducted by JoTo on behalf of the AchieveHERs found that women want a forum to share their experiences in business – not only to discuss the obstacles they encounter, but also problem solving processes and how to can apply them to their own industries.

We at JoTo believe that groups like AchieveHERs can be influential in finding applicable solutions to some of the problems women face daily. Women have a significant presence in business – for instance, in small businesses, women are the biggest hiring force second to public companies.

“What excited me most about the group is the opportunity it opens up for my management team. EasyLiving has a very young management team and I am excited to have Clearwater Chamber create a growth opportunity for our young females managers develop mentors within the community,” said Alex Chamberlain of EasyLiving, Inc., also a Clearwater Chamber board member.

JoTo supports AchieveHERs because the group can create initiatives for women to implement in their businesses that allow them to further their skills while contributing more to the economy and still being able to balance raising a family.

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