AchieveHers-rgb-lowresAt the core of business development is women-owned start-ups. A new Tampa Bay organization is exploring how to capitalize on the burgeoning female dominated environment today.

At JoTo PR, we believe business makes the world go round – and business PR is a special skill. As Tampa Bay PRs, we take every opportunity to share the wealth – one way in which JoTo utilizes its knowledge of business PR is with the Tampa Bay ‘women in business group,’ AchieveHERs, which recently formed under the auspice of the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce.

As part of the AchieveHers, JoTo PR used its proprietary marketing research system as the means to deliver what the Chamber’s women membership indicated it wanted in all aspects of a business group – support, networking opportunities and valuable experience shared amongst women in business.

As an aside regarding women in business – women-owned start-ups are the nation’s biggest hiring source, second only to publicly traded firms in the post-recession era (1).

As a proud member of the ‘women in business community,’ we understand the need of bringing to light issues faced by women in our local community.  We were recently written up in Sunday’s Tampa Bay Times newspaper in print.  To read more about us, read the article Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce Heeds Membership Demand – Establishes ‘Women In Business’ Group.

And if you want more info on this group or how to get involved, contact us via

1.    “Women-Owned Businesses Second to Publicly Traded Firms Since Great Recession.” Bulldog Reporter, 10 Apr. 2013. Web. 14 June 2013.