Take Social Media Crisis Management Seriously

Social Media Crisis Management

Social media crisis management should be taken quite seriously, especially if your organization is highly successful. Regardless of how popular you are or the industry you’re in, you’re not immune to the harsh outcomes of a social media crisis. It would be best if you made the necessary preparations soon enough before disaster strikes.

In this article, we’ll delve into various crisis management procedures for preventing potential issues, as well as handling a crisis in its early or full-blown stages.

Have A Social Media Policy In Place

Your policy should give a clear guideline of what employees should post about the business on their social media accounts. Often, the worst social media crisis is caused by an employee who talks negatively about their brand on their socials. It should also include other subjects that touch on brand voice, confidentiality, privacy, and copyright.

Have Your Accounts Secured

Your passwords can quickly render your brand susceptible to online hacking and other cyber security risks. When members of your team use a common password, the risk of experiencing a security breach becomes heightened. Instead, grant your members a reasonable level of access by using a centralized system. This may also allow you to restrict access for ex-employees who may want to tarnish the name of your brand via social media.

Social Listening Is Key to Spotting Potential Issues

Paying attention to social sentiment is a sure way of keeping an eye out for a crisis. Social sentiment is a metric that collects people’s feelings towards your brand. An instant spike in negative brand sentiments or mentions is worth evaluating. Utilize the appropriate tools to receive instant notifications whenever there’s a swift change in the volume of mentions. That way, you can tackle a potential crisis in its early stages.

Know What Identifies as A Crisis

When negative sentiments about you or your brand emerge online, that’s more of a fact rather than a crisis. However, if people echo the same negative opinions on social media, that may either be a crisis or a potential crisis. A social media crisis is majorly an adverse change in your brand’s online conversation. When you find yourself in such a situation, it’s best to respond via active customer service channels.

Develop A Crisis Communication Formula

This kind of method should enable you to respond effectively to all potential cues that point to a social media crisis. Rather than debate on how to handle issues, or waiting for a statement from senior managers, you can prevent things from getting out of hand. It’s essential to act fast. Craft a plan that describes the steps to be taken by your team in case of a social media crisis. This, by far, is the most crucial step. An old age says planning is 2/3rd of your effort. In Crisis Management, it is 90%. Plan well—and wisely. If execution ever needs to begin, you have to be able to effectively go into action.

A social media crisis is one thing all brands should expect in today’s digitally evolved world. If ever you find yourself in one, don’t hesitate to contact JoTo PR for advanced social media crisis management techniques and unmatched results.

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