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When a company hires a PR firm, it is typically to get stories about them into the media.  Therefore, it’s helpful if you understand what it takes to get stories into the press so that you can assist your... Read More
In the New Economy companies have to smarter.  Relationship building is fundamental across all Marketing and PR methodologies.  Know the order of how to forge those relationships and reap the business – and... Read More
How do you describe public relations?  Perhaps with one of these statements? “It’s a bit of a crapshoot sometimes.” “A totally separate discipline from marketing, with separate goals and strategies.”... Read More
When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many don’t know the efficacy a PR firmcan have on an SEO campaign. However, one full-time SEO blogger, Amanda DiSilvestro, does – and recommends adding PR... Read More
PR is such a vastly misunderstood subject (but does not have to be) that people understand PR by comparing it to what it is not –  in terms of what not to do. In light of that, there are three basic, but... Read More
Woe is the deadly PR ghastly mistake. No. 2: Not having a Strategic Communications Plan PR cannot be narrow-minded.  You cannot think or execute half-cocked. Sending out just one press release, or exploiting a... Read More
By Karla Jo Helms The most sought after commodity of PR is when word-of-mouth buzz is like an avalanche and you can’t stop – but how does one go about getting it? PR is all about how you define yourself... Read More

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