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#PRCaseStudy: Stop the Presses! Newsflash! This Just In! It’s All About You!

Think about it: Just about everyone you know is on one or more social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). It’s not a trend or a fad. It’s now the norm. Sure you could argue that they started out as fads, new ways to talk...
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COVID-19 Social Media Help: Thinking Outside Your Comfort Zone

COVID-19 has made us all rewrite, if not throw out, our respective business rulebooks and start from scratch. SOCIAL MEDIA has been no exception. What were considered good social media practices just a few short weeks ago are sorely inadequate to handle...
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The Uncharted, But Highly Beneficial Territory of B2B Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been figured out and robustly mapped for B2C, so why are so many B2B companies behind the times in this arena? By Karla Jo Helms   Social Media came onto the scene with a bang two decades ago and ever since people have...
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