I know this has been a long and dense newsletter, so I’ll leave you with something fun but beneficial out of Tampa Bay. Given the proximity to each other, a small territorial rivalry has formed between St. Petersburg... Read More
rawpixel-com-323215 rawpixel.com Social media seems to be the bedrock of modern society, as 81% of the population is on social media in some fashion. I don’t know if you can get a more “common denominator” stat than that!1 Effective... Read More
justin-schuler-253611 Justin Schüler In part to further illustrate what “disruption” is and how it is a mind-set every business should adopt to get ahead in business, I want to shine some light on another company that is doing just... Read More
silhouette of business man In the midst of the disgusting claims coming out of the Harvey Weinstein situation that has completely ruined the Weinstein Company by losing book deals (1) and getting movies pulled (2), I’m reminded of the power... Read More
Tampa metro now ranks just inside the top 20 “fit cities” in America. 1 To pull back the curtain a little bit, I’ve seen this first-hand in my own staff at JoTo PR. They are an active bunch. Our project manager... Read More
Every now and again, public opinion ramps up and becomes so unified that voice of the consumer finally gets heard. Even in today’s social media circus, our voice as consumers can be lost in the veritable tsunami... Read More

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