#PRFAIL: Bad News: Yes, The News Really Is A Lot Of Sound and Fury

Today, when scanning headlines, a specimen like “Nancy Pelosi Torches Donald Trump’s New Immigration Plan With Melania Trump Dig” hardly goes amiss (yes, that’s real, from HuffPost). People are “slamming,” “digging” at, and “torching”...
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#PRFAIL: Bad News Part II: Google Has an Opinion, Too

You may have heard the saying that there’s no such thing as an “unbiased opinion.” In fact the term is an oxymoron in itself. As we just explored, when we have a journalism climate that seems to be driven by reporting on people’s opinions, if...
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The Basics of Putting Out a Fire: Crisis Management 101

When you find yourself unwittingly in a PR crisis, do you know what to do? Warning: the instinctive actions you would normally take to defend yourself are diametrically opposite to what it really takes to get out alive. Look at these two groups of companies...
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