Information: Having the mission is to improve lives through better communication is a truly altruistic purpose. Language barriers should never hinder interaction -and with Stratus. successful communication can be... Read More
Information: Chargebacks911 grew organically out of the co-founder’s experiences in prior online businesses they created. They were faced with the challenge of fraudulent charge backs for card-not -present transactions... Read More
You’ve got a superior detox technology much needed in today’s epidemic of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. You are getting phenomenal results- far superior to many competing solutions. But in 7 years,... Read More
Information: Founded in 1999, CES has been helping customers get the best rate for electricity and gas in deregulated markets. They provide their customers with enough information so that they can make an intelligent... Read More
Getting known and recognized globally in a fast paced, aggressive market, with many emerging business models and several complex evolving technologies breaking out every six months. At the same time working to target... Read More
The Situation: Stu Sjouwerman was launching a startup company, KnowBe4, within an industry that depends on confidence and trust and needed to obtain this type of credibility fast. The Solution: JoTo PR created a... Read More
BOON OR By Karla Jo Helms Running a successful business with a remote workforce takes guts, analytics and flexibility – but the rewards can be significant. New businesses are starting up every week, with new and disruptive... Read More
Reporter. Taking notes. The old saying that I tell everyone is: “Knowledge is power.” Knowledge is the backbone from which people, professionally and socially, make their decisions. Poor decisions are made from a lack of knowledge,... Read More

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