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#PRWIN: How a Hit TV Show Enlisted Its Fans to Create the Marketing for It

When the popular tv series Peaky Blinders was readying its return for a fifth season, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was also gearing up for the UK marketing campaign. The BBC Two show was also moving to a new channel, BBC One, which meant...
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#PRCaseStudy: Make a New Plan, Stan! A Strategic Communications Plan, That Is.

I get it: you’ve been working in your industry for years, decades even. You had a reliable stable of clients, steady ROI, and you were growing your business. You were on it. And then…2020. I won’t go into those details – you’ve already heard...
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Going Local: Advantages & Best Practices for Using Local Content on Facebook

Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for any brand. But for local businesses, it can be extremely effective. Harnessing the power of local content on Facebook is a smart choice for businesses, as it can impact your engagement, your post views,...
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COVID-19 and Social Media – Why You Definitely Need It Right Now.

You already know the situation. Millions of people are in self-quarantine. Stores are shuttered. Events are canceled. And this necessary physical isolation that has only increased people desire for information and interaction with other human beings....
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COVID-19: What Makes for a Great Work-at-Home Employee?

The COVID-19 crisis is leading us to rethink many aspects of our societal norms, at that includes business norms. The idea of the office worker, so ubiquitous for decades now, has in just a few short weeks leapt toward virtual obsolescence. If anything,...
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COVID-19: 9 Tips to Manage Your Remote Employees

What was just weeks ago an option you might have been pondering is now your reality – a remote workforce. Maybe you wanted to do a gradual rollout starting with a one-day-a-week-trial schedule. Or even try it full-time with certain self-starter employees....
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COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: You Have Ways to Help?

The news outlets are practically kicking down the door for experts to comment on stories, interviews and more. As Anti-PR Strategist of JOTO PR Disruptors, I can tell you that your opportunity to be seen, heard and read on media outlets in both industry-specific...
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