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Client in the News: Paul Crowe, CEO of NuView Life Sciences, Sounds Off Regarding Air Force Fighter Pilots’ Alarming Prostate Cancer Rates

Screening Frequency is Questioned; Innovations Needed JoTo PR client, NuView Life Sciences, was recently featured in an article in MHealth Times titled, Retired US Air Force Fighter Pilots Develop Pro [...]

Client in the News: Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic, Cites Potential of Life-Threatening Interference in Wireless Medical Devices

Freedoms Created by Technologies Bring New Risks JoTo PR Client, InfoBionic, was featured in a Healthcare IT News article titled, Securing Remote Devices More Important Than Ever. Keeping patients out [...]

Client in the News: Elliot Dinkin, CEO of Cowden Associates, Inc., Discusses Possible Solutions to Keep Multiemployer Pension Plans from Flopping

    Multiemployer Pension Funds: Are they Doomed? JoTo PR client, Cowden Associates, was featured in a bylined article in Newsmax titled, Low-Interest Program to Keep Multiemployer Pension P [...]

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