do-it-yourself pr tips

Reduce, reuse, and recycle This doesn’t just apply to water bottles, plastic goods and paper products. Recycling and re-purposing can be applied your past publicity and press releases. Scenario: Your PR firm writes... Read More
Okay so you finally realize it is time to do some cool PR for your company or organization. But you wonder how to start. The last thing you want to do is sound like a stupid amateur, yet the whole idea is rather... Read More
So you think it is time to get some video of your organization on YouTube but you don’t want them to look like used car commercials. Here are a few tips to making that video look professional and get you some... Read More
As promised this DIY is all about you. Can you imagine a more fascinating subject than your organization or company? For certain you have a certain perception of your group. You like to think it lives up to your... Read More
blame Let’s face it, sooner or later every organization runs into a PR situation that reflects poorly on them. What ultimately counts is not the bad news but how you handle it. In this issue’s DIY we present you with... Read More
This is a simple exercise to help you in your business get the lay of the land. We all have competitors and it is good to know what the other fellow is doing. So take a few moments and list out your top 5 competitors.... Read More
We recently received a letter in our mailbag from Mr. VIP: Dear Karla Jo, What is the best way to determine what publications to send your press releases?  There are so many. Also is an online publication any less... Read More

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