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Marketing and PR – What the [BLEEP]’s the Difference?

It’s a question I get a LOT. And if you’re among those asking it, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t feel bad if you think they’re one and the same – it’s a common misconception that even the most seasoned business executives make. On...
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#PRWin: Greggs “Bribe” to Google is PR Sweetness

Who doesn’t love doughnuts? (Anyone who doesn’t can see themselves out now 😉). For the rest of us, the tasty treats are basically beyond reproach. So, when a PR mishap occurs, even one that’s completely not your fault, sometimes your signature...
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#PRWin: IHOP Changes Name, Public Loses Mind

#PRWin: IHOP Wins Over the Public with Hamburgers? In case you didn’t know, “IHOP” is short for The International House of Pancakes. The famous breakfast food restaurant chain began using the shorter acronym back in 1973. At the time they were using...
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