Who is Stratus Video Interpreting?
Stratus Video Interpreting provides on-demand interpreter services by using technology to connect clients with interpreters in over 175 spoken and signed languages in less than 30 seconds. Stratus’ cloud-based video solution delivers an array of unique features to virtually any Internet-enabled PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Stratus clients use the technology to connect with their own staff interpreters. as well as with Stratus interpreters, who have years of healthcare and courtroom experience and hold multiple certifications. Stratus Video is the sister company of the Z® (CSDVRS LLC, d.b.a. ZVRS) which was established in 2006 and developed by and for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, setting the industry standard as the nation’s premier Video Relay Service Provider and the first VRS Provider to receive a 5-year certification from the FCC.


Language barriers should never hinder interaction – and successful communication, regardless of language, can be achieved through a technologically advanced platform – and Stratus Video Interpreting has created that platform to help patients with limited English proficiency communicate with their healthcare providers. Stratus’ service saves lives in hospitals, facilitates equal justice in courts, and has nearly limitless usage possibilities. As an interpretation company, Stratus gives a voice to the voiceless.

The Industry:


The Challenge:

Stratus was moving its business model from highlighting American Sign Language interpretation to Limited English Proficiency interpretation. Their challenge was two-fold. One, they lacked name recognition in the market and two, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) was still a relatively new field. In many cases, hospitals and other medical facilities rely on ad hoc interpreters who don’t have proper training in medical terminology and procedures, which has a higher risk of introducing errors. Stratus wanted to become the go-to VRI provider in hospitals and the name their audience thought of first for interpretation solutions.

The Outcome:

3-Year Growth: 81%
Revenue: $56.4 million
Jobs Added: 321
Total Employees: 621
Media Exposure Metrics:

The Stratus Anti-PR campaign obtained an average of two media placements (e.g. articles, interviews, and TV/radio segments) each month throughout its 18-month campaign period.

This equated to an exposure aggregate of 13,908,168 unique views within the industry press, healthcare, and hospital news. Per industry standard, the typical aggregate a company can expect is 2.5%, or 347,704 targeted decision makers that have seen, listened, or read the publicized news.

Stratus was recognized as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies, ranking #3,827 on Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 list.
Stratus was named the Most Innovative Company by the Tampa Bay Business Journal and ranked No. 77 on their list of top 100 bay businesses.
Parent company CS DVRS (which includes ZVRS and Stratus) was purchased by Kinderhook, a New York-based private equity firm. The purchase was covered by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.
Modern Healthcare Magazine published:

“David Fetterolf, president of Stratus Video, which offers professional interpretation services via video, said his company’s professional interpreter service costs about $1.50 a minute. Stratus uses an iPad, often attached to an IV pole, that can be wheeled into a patient room; within 30 seconds a certified interpreter is available online.

“Such charges can quickly add up, but, many say it is a necessary expense. We have quite a demand, said Darrin Bearden, interpretation services coordinator/or average of 230 interpretation encounters daily, with about 83,000 total interactions in 2013. The hospital started using Stratus in 2012 to supplement other interpreter services it offers, including qualified medical interpreters on staff and telephone services.”