strategic-planningPublic relations is a tool that can take a company from the background into the spotlight – but the only way to do that successfully is with a methodical plan that merges the company’s aspirations with the needs of the public.

The Alternative Board (TAB), a franchise provider of peer advisory boards and business coaching services, recently released the results of its quarterly, third-party Small Business Pulse Survey. Although 76% of respondents say they believe having a written strategic plan increases overall business performance, a whopping 91% don’t have what they consider to be an “excellent” plan. In fact, 22% have no written strategic plan at all – and while the majority of business owners are expecting the economy to improve, they admit they’re not in the best position to capitalize on it (1).

At JoTo PR, we believe that the crux of any good PR campaign is a strategy that not only aligns with the company’s culture and business goals, but also takes into account the needs of that company’s target public(s). A strategic communications plan is one Business PR management tool that clearly states the desirable future results and outlines the steps needed to attain those results.

Before instituting a strategy, a true PR firm will require many details: who, what, when, where, why and how. PR begins with an idea and projecting that idea to your target market(s). This is how you make consumers more receptive to your message. A cohesive and comprehensive strategic communications plan based on accurate intelligence consists of several facets including marketing research, statistical analysis and a balanced mix of both industry- and community-based proactive PR.

Because every company is different, Team JoTo strives to create a tailored plan that encompasses your goals and vision. By doing so, we can then position, brand, and improve your overall market share by influencing the mind share of your target publics.

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