Sports Reaction Center Takes Olympian to New Heights on Mt. Rainer

On his way

Former Olympian Brad Barquist climbs Mt. Rainer after an injury set back, with help from Bellevue physical therapy clinic Sports Reaction Center

(Bellevue, WA) – When former 1986 Olympian Brad Barquist decided to climb Mr. Rainer in the summer of 2012, he immediately started training. After an unfortunate soccer injury, Brad was led to physical therapy clinic Sports Reaction Center (SRC) to train and prepare for the climb.

During the recreational soccer game, Brad tore his Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL), which did not require surgery, but would prevent him from being able to run, hike, or add any significant load bearing to his right leg for six to 10 weeks. According to, the PCL is the counterpart to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), which is one of the most common knee injuries among athletes (1). Brad’s orthopedist directed him to Neil Chasan of Sports Reaction Center to get him back on track for the summer climb.

Chasan and other physical therapists focused on restoring Brad’s functional tolerance for loading without pain, while strengthening his leg and providing stability, symmetry and balance. SRC used the Optojump technology to test strength objectively, and the other strategies to train Brad’s strength and endurance. As Brad’s knee began to feel more stable, the routine quickly added light Stairmaster aerobic work. The Stairmaster was used for introducing cardio and strengthening Brad’s quads for knee stability.

The physical therapy clinic worked with Brad intensively up until the week before he set off on his quest.

“In addition to the physical therapy, I worked with Brad in helping him deal with the reality of his injury, his mindset throughout his rehabilitation and also the setbacks he experienced at the outset and even when he first failed to summit,” commented Neil Chasan, owner of Sports Reaction Center.

Neil Chasan and the physical therapists at SRC were critical to the healing of Brad’s PCL and the rehab that enabled him to train and safely make three attempts to climb Mt. Rainier- all in the short time frame of seven weeks.

Although it took three tries to get to the top of Mt. Rainer, Brad is very grateful for Sports Reaction Center’s contribution to his wellness, as well as for the guidance while working toward the final climb.

Neil adds, “In the end, I feel really good about being able to help Brad achieve his goal. He is perfectly emblematic of our larger purpose –to help active people achieve their goals. Nothing is more satisfying to me as a clinician than helping someone recover and then seeing them execute and achieve their return to activity goal.”

Chasan founded SRC in 1997 after he graduated from the University of Washington’s physical therapy program in 1982 and remained in Seattle. Named the best rehab experience for their geographical region by Competitor Magazine, SRC’s reputation is so renowned that it attracts athletes from around the country because of tools like the Alter-G and Optojump, just as they helped Olympian Brad Barquist. The expertise of Chasan and his team of physical therapists, and the company’s cutting edge technology, attract athletes of all levels and ages.

About Sports Reaction Center
Based in Bellevue, Washington and attracting athletes of all levels from the Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland and Redmond areas – and around the United States – Sports Reaction Center (SRC) was founded by Neil Chasan in 1997. SRC performs sports physical therapy services that incorporate innovative technology like Dynavision, OptoJump and NASA-developed Alter-G. The clinic additionally offers concussion management and biomechanical assessment. SRC’s clients also include multiple athletes who have qualified for the Olympic Trials in Track and Field as well as marathoner Mike Sayenko, Olympic hurdler Virginia Powell, and NFL, NBA and MLB players. The clinic also works with area organizations like Club Northwest, VO2 Multisports and the Seattle Rugby Club. A graduate of the University of Washington’s physical therapy program in 1982, Chasan is a consultant to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, U.S. Rugby Sports Medicine, and Alter G. Neil is the author of the book “Total Conditioning for Golfers,” and the creator of the video “The Swing Reaction System”, Neil published Pain Free Back, an iPhone application. A clinical faculty member of the University of Washington’s physical therapy program since 1990, Chasan teaches and consults with physical therapists around the world.

(1), November 8, 2011. “Statistics on ACL Injuries in Athletes”,>

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