Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a COVID-19 Crisis

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts During a COVID-19 Crisis

We’re in the midst of the first pandemic to be documented, in real time, on social media. That gives us all great power to influence people around the world in a matter of seconds. How we handle this huge responsibility can mean the difference between helping to improve the situation or causing panic. We’re in a state of social high anxiety, and the last thing you need to do right now is take a back seat and wait for the COVID-19 crisis to pass. No, now is the time you shift gears and become a ubiquitous presence on social media.

Here’s what you need to do right now:

Here’s what NOT to do:

  • DON’T stay business as usual. Even if the effect on your business has been minimal, not addressing COVID-19 can sow frustration and even resentment at what could be perceived as callousness.
  • DON’T share information that isn’t from credible sources or unverified. You’ll likely just spreading rumors and misinformation, which can add stress to an already tense situation, or worse, panic.

But no matter what, always maintain positive, pragmatic, proactive messaging – remember, you’re someone’s source of information and stability. You need to part of the solution. The more you communicate, the more people will see your leadership, and the word will spread.

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