This is a good basic article on using social media for business that quotes several respected people on the subject such as Gini Dietrich, CEO at Arment-Dietrich.

Gini really likes the use of blogs and I couldn’t agree more. I not only blog myself but I highly recommend blogging to my clients.

Blogging is a means of communication that can be used to get our messages that cannot be easily distributed via other PR and marketing lines. It is a way to not only get out content but to also engage an audience. If your blog is linked to other social media platforms, then this engagement can occur along many different channels thus increasing the number of people you can potentially reach.

As I commented on our company Facebook page, I do not agree with all points of the article, especially that it is a time consuming activity. Done correctly as part of a traditional PR and marketing campaign, social media can be an efficient and effective additional to your overall company strategy.

I hope you enjoy reading the article which you can find here