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“The power of social media is that it forces necessary change.”
—Erik Qualman

Qualified Leads from a Quality Audience! LinkedIn is widely recognized as one of the best global B2B sales and marketing platforms with over 260 million monthly users. It’s used by businesses of all types not only as a social media platform to help their brands, but as a source of high-quality contacts that convert to new clients.

JoTo PR has refined and systematized the art and methodology of LinkedIn Lead Generation. We will help you utilize the power of LinkedIn to:

  • Improve your sales productivity,
  • Shorten your sales cycles,
  • Increase your revenue per sale—all leading to greater expansion for your business.

JoTo PR’s experience and mastery of Public Relations elevates Social Media use for business and gives you the competitive edge when marketing through LinkedIn.  Our LinkedIn Lead Generation Service is a powerful and effective way to generate viable prospects that turn into successful sales for your company.

Our LinkedIn Lead Gen Service provides:

  •  Fresh targeted B2B sales leads interested in what you sell
  • Optimized LinkedIn profile to present a professional impression to potential buyers and to meet all LinkedIn platform requirements
  • Increased profile views by more than 5X
  • A robust LinkedIn network with thousands of ideal target customers
  • More trust and familiarity for your company, services and products from prospects
  • We do all the work to generate leads based on criteria set by you

How JoTo PR Targets, Finds and Delivers Contacts Interested in What You Offer!

Step 1 – Target Market Analysis

In our initial Due Diligence phase, we’ll review your website, offerings and your sales process. We’ll also establish your Ideal Client Profile directly from you, i.e., who they are (precise market segments), where they are geographically, the problems they have that you can solve, and the solutions you offer them. We will also establish exact parameters such as company size, revenue, job title, etc. to zero in on your ideal candidates. Once we have all that data, we move onto step 2.

Step 2 – Optimized Client Profile

It’s necessary that your LinkedIn profile is setup per industry and LinkedIn standards, but that it also reflects that your organization is trustworthy and reliable as a vendor. We’ll optimize your headline, corporate summary, and complete profile so that potential clients will want to connect with you—that’s the first step to getting them to express interest in your products or services.

Step 3 – Campaign Messaging

We now start contacting and connecting with potential buyers! Using what we found out in our initial Target Market Analysis (Step 1 above), we’ll craft a message(s) for your prospective clients to get them to engage with you (JoTo PR will handle the engagement step, we do all the work up to the point when they become a viable lead).

We’ll be engaging with the people you want to speak with, specifically titled professionals based on what you told us (i.e. CEO, BUSINESS OWNER, CMO, CIO, CTO, COO, etc.) within a specific vertical (e.g., Healthcare, IT, Insurance, Finance, etc.) and within the other metrics we identified with you. After they engage with us we’ll craft a message to entice them to try or accept one of your traditional lead gen offers such as an eBook, White Paper, Demo, Consultation, Webinar, etc. Whatever offer you have that may be of interest enough for them to want to further engage with you to find out how you can help them—and then they’re into your sales funnel. At this point, we’ll turn the lead over to you with whatever information we’ve collected, and your sales team can go to work.

Find Out How to Get 5 FREE Viable Leads Added to Your First Month

If the total lifetime value of your customer is over $2000, our LinkedIn Lead-Gen program will work for you!  All our Lead Generation programs are customized for each business therefore we need to speak with you to determine how many leads we can generate for you each month.

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