When you consider SEO, you’re likely thinking of site indexing, image alt tags, and beefing up the content on your website. But did you know that your social media presence actually plays a huge role in your SEO ranking as well?

While social media didn’t always play a factor in SEO at all, the information that search engines look for to organize their results has evolved over the years. Nowadays, they’re looking for material that provides value to an audience, answers questions, and drives traffic to a page—all things that social can help improve.

How Social Media and SEO Are Linked

Social media drives traffic to your pages. One of the main things that search engines are looking for when ranking search results is the amount of traffic that’s heading to a page. Because social media provides more visibility to your content, it’s more likely to provide you with a traffic boost—and search engines take notice.

Your social profiles can come up as a search result. Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter already have excellent SEO rankings. If you have a presence on them, your profile will often be one of customers’ the top results. And if you’re active on Google My Business, your social presence will have even more prominence in search results. Social content has more reach. If you’re investing in a content marketing strategy that includes a blog (which we highly recommend), you want to be certain you’re getting as many eyes on your content as possible, as it will then rank higher in search results. This is where social sharing comes in handy.

If you’re writing great blog content, sharing it on social media is one of the best ways to ensure it’s being seen as often as possible by both people and search engines. The big payoff here – if your blogs are deemed highly “shareable” and begin to quickly circulate around the web, this is likely going to boost your SEO ranking.

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