(TAMPA BAY, FL) – Rethink Training has announced that they have signed Richter10.2 Media Group as a client. Richter10.2 Media Group is a unique agency focusing on relationships that improve client sales.

“Training our people is and has been one of the biggest game changers to date.” says Robert Cornish, CEO of Richter10.2 Media Group. “We have seen through detailed measurements that it has resulted in our rapid expansion allowing us to beat and double our monthly numbers.”

“Rethink Training now allows us to train our people in the cloud and from remote locations while tracking their progress. This is helping us take it to the next level”, Cornish adds.
Online training has been approached by companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, but most of them do not have a ‘functioning’ solution for this. Rethink Training, a new online training tool, makes that easy. “With more and more shift happening towards online applications, it only made sense for us to provide a very simple solution to online training.” says Rafferty Pendery, CEO of Studio98 (Creators of Rethink Training).

About Rethink Training:
Rethink Training is a flexible and easy-to-use online training platform developed by Studio98 of
Clearwater, Florida. Designed to meet the incremental training needs of businesses, this unique learning management system (LMS) allows companies to create and deliver customized interactive courses to every employee. A user-friendly interface makes it simple to build, update and maintain training and quizzes, while Web-hosted content ensures staff always has access to the most current information and materials. To learn more about Rethink Training, visit http://www.RethinkTraining.com.

About Richter 10.2 Media Group:
Richter10.2 Media Group is an entirely new kind of agency. Richter focuses on relationships
which improve client sales. They focus on making introductions to the exact people with whom their clients want to establish relationships – the right relationships with the right people. They focus on simple, effective communication that builds strong interest and reach for their client’s products or services. No fluff. For more information visit www.Richter10point2.com.