With jobs on the rise, companies  have a need to incorporate convenient, reliable and cost-effective training materials.

(Clearwater, Fla.,)  – The unemployment rate continues to gradually decline, and job hirings are on the rise. This is good news for the economy, yet it also represents a challenge for companies that are adding employees because those team members need effective training. Thanks to Rethink Training’s online training tool, there is a solution for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

Rethink Training is a web-based learning system designed to replace cumbersome and outdated training methods by moving information into the cloud.  There is no hardware to purchase or software to install since Rethink Training is a cloud-based service. Any company with a web browser can create, manage and/or study a course. Training materials can be published and instantly accessed by employees.

“There is a rapidly emerging shift towards online applications, so it only made sense for us to provide a simple solution to online training,” said Rafferty Pendery, CEO of Studio98 (the creators of Rethink Training). “Telecommuting allows companies to have staff members all over the country and the world. Training these employees is easier and more convenient with the online tools from Rethink Training.”

According to a recent report by SimplyHired.com, the job market is improving. Statistics from Simply Hired’s Employment Outlook from March 2012 indicate that job openings increased in 30 of the nation’s top 50 major metros, especially in Florida and Texas. Miami and Fort Lauderdale saw the largest growth  of all top metros (10.2 percent) followed by Austin, Orlando, Houston, West Palm Beach, San Antonio, and Dallas and Fort Worth¹.

“As we’ve noted before, the job market is becoming truly stable for the first time since the recession,” said Gautam Godhwani, CEO of SimplyHired.com. “It’s encouraging to see employment numbers hold steady. We expect real growth to occur in the coming months.”

With more companies hiring, it is important that they place greater emphasis on training, especially since it is one of the most significant expenses that a business has. Rethink Training’s online system allows new hires to quickly become knowledgeable with their new employer’s products or services. The continuous training helps make these employees enhance their competence level.

Some companies devise their own custom training solutions that must be maintained. Other businesses incorporate pre-built learning management systems which require they adjust their training structure to match the platform they are using. Very few companies have found workable and functional training solutions. Recognizing this, Rafferty saw a need and Rethink Training was born.

“We have created a tool that can solve the problems for a very large number of business,” Rafferty said. There is significant potential for Rethink Training, and it is exciting what the future holds in terms of development and expansion.”

Rethink Training’s system gives users the ability to create training materials (from scratch or through a company’s existing content), complete courses and grade the results. The fundamental elements of the web-based coursework include documents, essays, quizzes and streaming video content. Since Rethink Training is online, it eliminates the need to physically place students with trainers. Coursework can be updated without redistributing materials, allowing new training updates to be immediately implemented.

Companies can experiment with Rethink Training by signing up for a 14-day free trial at www.rethinktraining.com.

About Rethink Training
Rethink Training is a flexible and easy-to-use online training platform developed by Studio98 of Clearwater, Florida. Designed to meet the incremental training needs of businesses, this unique learning management system (LMS) allows companies to create and deliver customized interactive courses to every employee. A user-friendly interface makes it simple to build, update and maintain training and quizzes, while Web-hosted content ensures staff always has access to the most current information and materials. To learn more about Rethink Training, visit http://www.RethinkTraining.com.

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