Companies of all sizes are turning to online training methods such as Rethink Training to retain team members and enhance productivity.

(Clearwater, Fla.)  – Recent reports indicate that not only is the number of jobs in Florida on the rise, but companies are also confident that their bottom line will increase.  Effective training can further enhance this job growth and corporate vitality, according to Rafferty Pendery, whose company, Studio98, created Rethink Training, a web-based learning system that allows businesses to provide customized training solutions via its cloud-based service.

A recent survey released by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and Kaufman Rossin & Co., for example, indicates that 80 percent of the owners of Broward County’s small and medium-sized businesses believe business will get much better over the next 18 months.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Florida has added 72,300 jobs since February 2011, a figure that ranks fourth among states with dramatic employment changes. (1)

“This is encouraging news for job seekers and companies in Florida,” Pendery said.  “We are discovering that businesses are recognizing that they can attract and retain high-performing employees, and flourish by devoting attention to improving their training methods.  When employees are efficiently trained, a company is more apt to thrive because the team members stay long-term, and their contributions help the company grow,” Pendery added.  “This benefits the economy as a whole.”

Through its Rethink Training technology, Pendery’s company is committed to helping Florida businesses grow by enhancing their training methods at a more affordable cost than older techniques.  Rethink Training is emerging as a valuable resource, as many companies are incorporating online training to improve efficiency and decrease costs.  Since Rethink Training is a cloud-based service, there is no hardware to purchase or software to install.  All a company needs in order to create, manage and/or study a course is a computer connected to the internet. Training materials can be published and instantly accessed by employees, allowing companies to train team members no matter their location.

Through Rethink Training’s online system, new hires quickly become knowledgeable about their employer’s products or services.  The technology gives users the ability to create training materials (from scratch or through a company’s existing content), complete courses, and grade the results.  Fundamental elements of the web-based courseworkinclude documents, essays, quizzes and streaming video content.  Since Rethink Training is online, it eliminates the need to physically place students with trainers.  Coursework can be updated without redistributing materials, allowing new training updates to be immediately implemented.

The technology behind Rethink Training is what differentiates it from other methods.  A finely-tuned AJAX interface creates a fast and interactive tool that exceeds the expectations of traditional web software.  It also features a robust HTTP API and a brandable interface for customers who prefer deep integration and a seamless experience with their existing technology and web sites.  Users can even sell their coursework to the public, taking credit card payments through their preferred payment gateway.

”Training can expensive for companies, so if they implement effective training methods, they are more likely to retain employees, thus minimizing the need for extensive training costs that are incurred when companies have high turnover,” Pendery said.  “Rethink Training represents the new, effective way that a business can thoroughly train its employees and improve its bottom line by increasing productivity and trimming costs.”
(1), May 23, 2012:  “Job cuts rise in April but Florida losses outpaced by hiring,”

About Rethink Training:
Rethink Training is a flexible and easy-to-use online training platform developed by Studio98 of Clearwater, Florida.  Designed to meet the incremental training needs of businesses, this unique learning management system (LMS) allows companies to create and deliver customized interactive courses to every employee.  A user-friendly interface makes it simple to build, update and maintain training and quizzes, while web-hosted content ensures staff always have access to the most current information and materials.  To learn more about Rethink Training, visit