Rethink Training Empowers Companies to Create and Deliver Interactive Courses to Employees Through an Affordable and Easy-to-Use Online Training Platform

(CLEARWATER, Fla.)– Rethink Training, a new online training platform from Studio98, was introduced in September with a mission to make employee education easier and more affordable for businesses. The debut of this cost-effective training option is proving to be particularly timely in light of new research published by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), which reveals that corporate training expenditures are on the rise.1

The ATSD 2011 State of the Industry report found that U.S. companies spent approximately $171.5 billion on employee training in 2010, including training staff salaries, administrative costs and delivery expenses.2 That total breaks down to an average of $1,228 per employee in direct training expenditures – an increase of nearly 13% over the previous year’s average training cost ($1,098).2 Instructor-led classes accounted for approximately 70% of training, while about 29% of classes were delivered through technology-based based methods.3

In T + D magazine’s overview of the ATSD study findings, the authors stated, “Many organizations are investing in technology-based delivery systems and methods, and the growing use of technology to deliver content … will continue to shape the future of the learning field.”4

Rethink Training, created by online business solutions provider Studio98, is one such technology-based learning management system (LMS). While many of the LMS tools available today were originally built for schools or developed as proprietary custom software, Rethink Training was designed to meet the unique needs of businesses.

“Considering that the instructional methods of schools often differ substantially from those of businesses, and given the time and expense required to build, maintain and update enterprise software, it’s no wonder some companies have been hesitant to implement technology-based solutions,” noted Rafferty Pendery, CEO of Studio98. “Schools generally feature courses that are delivered over the course of a quarter or semester. However, businesses need employees to get up to speed much more quickly – in a matter of days, rather than months. And while enterprise solutions are designed specifically for a company, they can be expensive to build and cumbersome to update and maintain over time.”

Pendery notes that Rethink Training was originally developed to address Studio98’s training requirements for its international workforce. They designed the system with an easy-to-use interface and Web-hosted content, which ensured that staff would always have access to the most current documentation. (Download-based training systems often result in employees working from outdated data.) A preliminary version of the LMS was made available to Studio98 clients in March as part of a closed beta test. The testers’ feedback was incorporated into a number of enhancements, which were rolled out when Rethink Training was made available to the public in September.
“Rethink Training is perfectly suited to our company’s training needs, and our clients report that it works equally well for them,” said Pendery. “Our online learning platform includes all the essential functionality businesses require, such as documents and videos, multiple-choice and essay-based quizzes, a user-friendly dashboard and a Progress Board for administrators. Our goal was to make it simple and cost-effective for companies to build and deliver incremental training to employees worldwide. Whether it’s a new employee orientation course or more targeted modules for specific staff – such as sales or tech support – businesses can now easily provide relevant training to employees as and when they need it.”

To make Rethink Training affordable for organizations of every size, Studio98 offers three different pricing plans and enterprise editions for any companies requiring higher limits. New customers are eligible for a 30 day free trial of Rethink Training, and can sign up online in just 30 seconds. The free trial allows administrators to create and deliver a course module with up to 1GB of storage, and offer the course to up to five users.

For more information on Rethink Training– including a product tour, FAQs, plan details and pricing – or to sign up for a free trial, visit

About Rethink Training
Rethink Training is a flexible and easy-to-use online training platform developed by Studio98 of Clearwater, Florida. Designed to meet the incremental training needs of businesses, this unique learning management system (LMS) allows companies to create and deliver customized interactive courses to every employee. A user-friendly interface makes it simple to build, update and maintain training and quizzes, while Web-hosted content ensures staff always has access to the most current information and materials. To learn more about Rethink Training, visit

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