Public Relations – the Dirty Little Secret

Top Secret

What are Public Relations and why does every business need stellar PR to survive in today’s internet world?

Simply put, PR is the science of getting the public to think favorably of your business. The core-foundation of PR is constructed of trust.

The question is, beyond delivering good service or products, how do you create copious trust for your business in the broad marketplace, so it translates into sales and increased revenues? Said differently, what’s the value of “making your company look good”? And how on earth are you supposed to cash in on it?

Big-shot PR firms promise you the world, but according to the opinion of many CEOs it’s all “smoke and mirrors.”

Similar to advertising, today’s PR has a reputation for being more of an “art” than a science – rife with writers, “media specialists,” and “creatives.” But at least with advertising, you can see your direct return on investment! People see an ad, they buy your product. But with a press release there’s no “Add to cart” button to push.

It’s no wonder people feel like PR is a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Well, I’m here to tell you can see a direct return on investment with PR. Here at JOTO PR WE MAKE ROI HAPPEN EVERY DAY!

PR doesn’t have to be “smoke and mirrors.” Effective PR is a science, it is measurable, and it does yield tangible results.

At JoTo PR, we commit to tracking your revenue alongside our PR efforts so that you can see ROI firsthand. Our “PR” is a technology and a science. Here’s a small sample of what our clients have achieved:

  • 101% 3-year revenue growth
  • 679% 3-year revenue growth
  • 14x revenue increase in 9 months
  • 5x revenue growth in 4 years

And media outlets who run our clients’ stories include:

  • The New York Times
  • IT World
  • NBC News
  • CSO
  • Florida Trend
  • USA Today
  • The Miami Herald
  • Tampa Bay Times

These advantageous media placements are what has generated the trust and goodwill which has led to those stellar increases in revenue you see in our client success stories.

The “dirty-little secret” of effective PR, the secret that you can cash in on, is that effective PR can increase your marketing by 5 to tenfold! You’re practically throwing money away with advertising when people don’t know and trust your business. People are simply less likely to buy from you if they don’t recognize your name and have a positive emotional association with your business. PR is what generates those positive emotions. That’s what we, at JoTo PR, do.

At JoTo PR, we cut through the smoke and mirrors so that all you see are strategies to increased revenues. Unlike, those old, traditional PR Firms with the glittery awards, you’ll know exactly what we’re doing, every step of the way, because we’ll tell you, and you’ll know exactly how it’s leading to significant and measurable ROI.

If you’re ready for a breath of PR fresh air, and you’re ready to get a real return on the marketing dollars you’re spending, I urge you to get in touch with us at 888.202.4614 or send an email to get started so that we can schedule your free 30-minute PR consultation and evaluation. You’ve got only your confusion to lose.

Until next time,

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
888-202-4611 x802
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