#PRWinTampaBay: Publix Almost Beat Irma By Itself

#PRWinTampaBay: Publix Almost Beat Irma By Itself

By AlexfOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

To bring things back to tumultuous weather, our friends at the Tampa Bay Business Journal took the time to honor the Florida-favorite supermarket chain, Publix, for how it treated the storm. (1)

Yes, Publix made funny cakes that had puns written on them in icing such as “Weather it Out” and people posted pictures of Publix signs not torn down by wind while quoting nature anthems.

It was the days leading up to the hurricane where Publix helped the world stay calm. The social media team at Publix were hot on their accounts, responding to people in minutes as they asked for supplies and allowing proper hours for 1) people to get supplies and 2) giving their employees enough time to prepare on their own.

President and CEO, Todd Jones posted a letter expressing sympathy for those having to deal with the storm which launched a sharing spree in the thousands.

People commented on the calm and kind demeanor of the staff at Publix as people panicked around them, so kudos to the hard-working staff. Kindness can go a long way.

We’ve know worried and upset people were from this storm. Publix did everything it could possibly do to help people in a time of need, operate their business successfully and treat their employees right.

We love Publix.  

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