#PRWIN: The Wonderful Weirdness of Uber’s Lost & Found


Can you remember the last time you forgot you were transporting a full fish tank with live fish? In an Uber, no less?

Well, someone out there can.

Uber just published its third annual Lost & Found Index, an interesting and even delightful aggregation of the items people have left behind in Ubers this year. There are, of course, the standard cell phone/wallet/keys, but the best part is Uber’s list of some of the zaniest left-behind stuff, including a Chihuahua, the aforementioned fish tank, a pack of hair and a brown brush shaped like a foot, a Babe Ruth signed baseball, one Gucci flip-flop, a tray of eggs, and a birth certificate and social security card (yikes!).1

This is great diversionary PR by the “technology platform” whose reputational woes are constantly in the news – it lightens the mood, and gives people something fun to focus on that’s centered around human fallibility, which helps. It also underscores Uber’s position as a transportation mainstay and the degree to which it’s become part of the fabric of so many lives. The Lost & Found Index is an easy and humanizing #PRWIN.

I myself know about the weird things Uber drivers must find – two Halloweens ago, I lost an antique black Navy Colt revolver which was part of my Steampunk costume. I did get it back – I wonder if it ended up on the inaugural Lost & Found Index.

  1. “The 2019 Uber Lost & Found Index | Uber Newsroom US.” Uber Newsroom, 5 Mar. 2019, www.uber.com/newsroom/2019-lost-and-found-index/.

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