#PRWIN TAMPA BAY: Publix, Bagging Up the Competition

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If there is one thing we agree on at JoTo PR, it’s that Publix Supermarket is the best grocery store to grace the United States of America and just when we thought other people must think the same thing, our friends at the Tampa Bay Business Journal proved we weren’t foolin’.

Where nationally, Kroger is eating Whole Foods’ Market’s customers, Publix is the top chef in Florida taking the majority of Whole Food’s business.

Publix’s growth within the last few years has skyrocketed pulling in $34 billion in revenue and $2 billion in profits.11

There are 26 Whole Foods stores in Florida and 20 of them have a Publix within less than a mile in a straight line from them.

To make things harder for Whole Foods, Publix is gearing up to re-launch their GreenWise concept which focuses on organic and natural based products. 11

These stores feature the organic selections customers know of along with prepared food, a brick pizza oven, coffee and gelato bar and an expanded bakery.

Given the market share Publix has in Florida, these new additions look to seal the deal as being Florida’s go-to grocery for years to come.

And that’s something we’re not mad about.



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