#PRWin: Netflix Takes Over Hollywood

netflix-logo1The inner workings of Netflix’s success is a sound business model, of course – but at the crux of Netflix’s expansion is a strategic PR plan.

The popular subscription video streaming website, Netflix, has all but eliminated the days of shuffling to Blockbuster or its counterparts to rent a movie. But what many people don’t know is that Netflix is the result of one man’s ugly encounter with a video rental store clerk – Reed Hastings created Netflix after a clerk berated him for returning a movie late (1). Disgusted with his experience, Hastings saw an opportunity to reform the video rental process with the consumer in mind – alas, Netflix was born and has become a staple in the lives of many Americans.

Despite some backlash from TV execs who say Netflix diminishes the value of DVD and TV content, the website has cemented its position among viewers, as well as several network executives. The driving force behind Netflix is the opportunity it presents for those executives – it keeps their TV shows on the air that would otherwise be cut from the lineup.

The inner workings of Netflix are business-minded, of course – but at the crux of Netflix’s success is a strategic communications plan. Rather than boast its commercial success with consumers and wind up on the wrong side of key TV officials, Netflix allows those same officials to resuscitate struggling TV shows. This is what puts them in Netflix’s favor – it provides equal opportunity to all involved: Netflix experiences expansion, TV studios keep their shows in view of the public and people have access to some of their favorite shows at the drop of a hat.

return-on-influenceWhat Netflix understands that many fledgling businesses don’t is that you must gain the support of those key influencers within your industry. That is your safety net – you cannot expand without an ever-increasing safe radius from which to begin.

So ask yourself: how does that work with my business? Who are the Key Influencers that people listen to that I need to gain favor with?

Yes, there is an exact technique to finding, getting introduced and cultivating relationships with these type individuals and groups. Strategy management in PR is a technology – an applied science. It follows certain rules and when done correctly, it can help navigate an economically rough landscape into smooth sailing…and can improve even the most stable financial landscape.

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~Karla Jo Helms

  1. Bond, Paul. “What Hollywood Execs Privately Say About Netflix.” The Hollywood Reporter, 14 Jan. 2011. Web. 11 July 2013.

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