#PRWIN: Kraft Knows Those Flowers Aren’t Giving Your Mom Any Peace

Mother's Day Flowers

What do moms get for Mother’s Day? Flowers, cards, cute handmade school projects, usually – and all of that is fine, well, and good. What no one talks about though, is that despite the intent of the holiday, it doesn’t have a lot to do with giving moms of young kids what they actually NEED – some peace and quiet!

What most moms would probably like to say, but don’t feel they can, is that flowers and cards as a recognition are nice, but a real reward for all their hard work would look more like… some time off.

Thankfully, Kraft picked up on this unspoken reality and this year offered a “Mother’s Day Away” promotion where moms could submit their Mother’s Day babysitting receipts – up to $100 – for reimbursement.1 When has a brand ever done that much for you? The marketing & PR initiative really did hit the sweet spot of publicity and promotion, combining a limited-time offer, a social share campaign, and a genuinely sought-after giveaway.

In the days after the campaign was announced leading up to Mother’s Day, participants were encouraged to share what they wanted to do – for themselves – via social media, whether that was brunch at a kid-unfriendly restaurant or something as simple as the luxury of sleeping in. Then mothers had the ability to upload their babysitting receipts to a dedicated Kraft microsite for reimbursement, with a total giveaway fund of $50,000 (as of this writing, the funds are maxed out – shocker!).2

With “Mother’s Day Away,” Kraft hit on a solid #PRWIN. The mechanics of the campaign were solid, but perhaps the best thing about it is that it was unexpected – and gave a group of overworked and sometimes underappreciated people the gift they REALLY deserved.

I might have to coin a new term for this one: a prime example of disruptive goodwill. 😉



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