#PRWIN: JetBlue Turns Politics into a Media-Worthy Social Media Savvy Event

jet-blueJetBlue capitalized on the media storm that was political and successfully parlayed the 2012 election into a successful social media campaign – unheard of for private-sector companies.

There are several factors that go into ensuring the success of a social media campaign. In order for your social media to be truly effective, you must also accompany your campaign with the tried-and-true basics such as email, website presence, face-to-face events, and online and mainstream media.

Where many social media pr campaigns fall short is that they fail to establish brand linkage. But JetBlue proved that savvy social media campaigns that encourage increased brand awareness are possible:

JetBlue took advantage of the media storm that would surround the 2012 election by tapping into a common complaint among all voters. “Election escapism”—based on the popular joke, “If [my candidate] doesn’t win, I’m leaving the country,”—was the campaign’s cornerstone. JetBlue would seize the opportunity to call election-escapists’ bluff by actually sending them away—to one of JetBlue’s Caribbean destinations.

JetBlue decided to give away 2,012 flights so electoral losers could still get a taste of victory. They called this win-if-you-lose promotion ‘Election Protection.’” JetBlue’s PR firm kept up the election theme by designing a digital, real-time “voting booth.”

Consumers who visited the dedicated microsite connected through their Facebook accounts and cast their votes by selecting a “Donkey” or “Elephant” icon, indicating their preferred political party. They then choose which JetBlue destination they would fly to if they won—and if their candidate lost. Finally, site visitors could view the “Election Protection” results as they were updated in real time (1).

The results: Over 112,000 votes were cast, and the site saw 420,474 unique visitors. But the icing on the cake was the strong brand linkage: 44% of consumers surveyed post-activation could put JetBlue and Election Protection together.

JetBlue orchestrated one of the best social media campaigns in recent years by understanding that it takes much more than free giveaways and contests to make an impact among consumers – Team JoTo gives this winning campaign two thumbs up!

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