#PRWIN: Huggies Has a Special Delivery for Diaper-Changing Dads

Huggies Fathers

If you’ve had children, you know that every little bundle of joy, in the early days, is constantly producing little bundles of… poop. Yet until now, if you judged just by diaper packaging, you would think that was all Mommy’s problem.

Not anymore!

Amazingly – it took until 2019, folks, for this to happen – Huggies is making history by… featuring images of Dads on its diaper packaging. Its new product, Special Delivery, is the Rolls-Royce of nappies, so to speak, with plant-based ingredients, leak protection, and “ultimate softness,” and some of its packaging images feature fathers cuddling babies where you would normally exclusively see baby with Mom.1

As National Fatherhood Initiative board member Derrick David Bryant pointed out, “Dads are shopping, too.”2 In fact, they might be more likely to be shuffling bleary-eyed through the store at 11 pm while Mom is home with the formula and bottle. Dads have taken notice and published their reactions on Twitter, with at least one of them “happy to see that fathers were represented because we are never promoted on anything.”3

Seriously, the days of strict division of labor when it comes to raising and providing for kids are long gone. Dads now change diapers, too (or at least try! 😉 ). Both parents often work, and both parents participate in the “dirty work” of caring for – and cleaning up after – children. It’s about time that ads and packaging caught up to reflect that.

Great strategy on the part of Huggies by deciding to be more inclusive – poopy diapers are a problem for us all.

Talk about inclusion! Go #Huggies!

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